SEMA 2007: Turbo Plumbing Bonanza, Part 1

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You would be correct if you're thinking that we ran something like this from last year's friction materials SEMA convention accompanied by some random musings about Norse death metal. Thundering crescendos of dualing lead guitar aside, a year ago we only ran one image. Thanks to the ongoing miracle of the internets we can now bring you shots of not only the VQ, but some 1000 hp twin-turbo LS1-LS2 action along with some scooby doo. Zoinks! [Air Power Systems]

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@Frost Face: Most modern turbo designs throw the laws of air efficiency to the wind in favor of a more easily packaged system.

Correcting the airflow patterns in many cars adds huge gains in power without having to run more boost. The problem is it frequently requires completely re-engineering many parts of the engine bay and often a lot of panel cutting and massaging to make room for the correct plumbing.

Just look at how many factory turbo setups force the pressurized air coming out of the compressor side to immediately go through a drastic bend. That is a big no-no. There are laws of physics that apply there.

It's not a black art; people just refuse to learn the basics of airflow.


Yes, that is most likely an intercooler/radiator coating, which you can purchase relatively easily. You can even buy it in white for those situations where it would be blasted by the sun all day, but it's not quite as efficient as the black is when it's shaded.