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SEMA Show: Scads of Power on Cue

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A Nissan VQ-series six underhood of a 350Z or G35 already provides respectable power and sweet soundtrack for any style of driving. Add a few turbos, giant intercooler, free flowing exhaust, and some tuning into the mix — to the tune of 1,000 hp — and the soundtrack will undoubtedly lean toward a VQ version of Norse Death Metal. This APS twin-turbo system for the 350Z and G35 will get you far beyond even the VQDETT level, and you don't even have to brave the Oslo winters or bassists named "Phalanx."


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only costs 9 grand:…

"APS Extreme Intercooled Twin Ball Bearing Turbo Kit $8,989.98... Turbochargers: Water cooled DBB GT Series 1000hp (flywheel) mass air flow capacity."

Not bad, add the 350Z to my affordable "must buy" list, along with the CTS-V and Boxster