See The Zero-Emissions Vehicles GM Sells In Japan

While on a top-secret Jalopnik mission to Tokyo (meet with Emperor, secure trade route for silks and spices) I was out wandering the Tokyo streets when I noticed three odd things: bicycles.

Bicycles are, of course, incredibly common in Tokyo— in fact, I think I saw some breeding. But these bikes were special, as they were branded Chevrolet, Corvette, and GMC.


Yes, it looks like GM finally cracked that tricky Japanese market, with some light, nimble very fuel efficient vehicles.

The branding appeared to be factory-provided and not just some goofy stickers someone thought would be funny. These are actual badges and embroidered logos that some company thought would be funny. And profitable.

A bit of research shows that, apparently others have heard of GM-branded bikes, and they're selling quite well, especially hummer.


Regardless, it fills me with an absentee patriot's pride to know American brands are desired for Chinese-built bikes by Japanese customers. USA! USA! USA!

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