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See The Pivotal Rescue Scene From Ron Howard's Rush

The key moment in the rivalry between F1 legends Niki Lauda and James Hunt was Lauda's near-fatal crash on the Nürburgring in 1976. It will now also be the fiery centerpiece for Ron Howard's upcoming film Rush, and a man walking his dog happened to record the whole scene as it was being filmed.


One of the experts from the all-things-‘Ring website Bridge to Gantry was on a walk next to the track's "Lauda Curves," when he came upon Howard's crew recreating the burning rescue.

In '76, the fire claimed the future-three-time world champion's ear, much of his face, and very nearly his life. Unbelievably, he returned to racing in just six weeks. It could well be the greatest recovery in motorsports history.


The real crash and rescue itself was caught on film during the German Grand Prix, and you can see it here.

(Hat tip to Taylor!)

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Spoiler alert? Nah. Doesn't apply to history.

Also, Titanic sinks at the end.