There are a lot of social problems in the United States today, most of them involving people pretending to care about soccer all of a sudden. The greatest ill, however, is the significant dearth of powersliding Pontiacs.


I mean, America is the #1 most-Pontiac'd nation in the world, and you would think we would be overflowing with Firebirds roaring around telephone poles, dirt tracks, road courses, and dirt road courses. And if dirt road courses aren't a thing, they should be.

But drifting Pontiacs aren't as common as I know they should be. Surprisingly, this intrepid Icelandic person has picked up some of our slack with a '94 Firebird Formula with steering angle spacers, a welded diff, Ground Control suspension, and a very strong understanding of true liberty.


Catch up, Americans. We need more drifting muscle.

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