Security Footage Shows Floor Buffer Sparking Horrifying Chevy Dealership Fire

Security footage of a fire that broke out in the service department of a Chevrolet dealership in Sterling Heights, Michigan last week reveals just how lucky the guy buffing the floors is to be alive.


The man cleaning the floors in the service department of this dealership with a mechanized buffer evidently knocked over some sort of gas can or some other flammable liquid, and picked it back up but failed to notice it was still leaking. When he comes back around with the electric buffer, he gets completely engulfed in flames.

For whatever reason, this local news clip is really going after the poor guy, saying he lied about the fire in his initial statement. The man blew up, I think we can give his memory some leeway! Besides, police determined it to be an accident, anyway.


The fire in the service department also affected a paint shop and damaged at least 30 cars, but didn’t spread to the rest of the lot or the showroom, according to Clicked On Detroit. But get this—the dealership is named Buff Whelan Chevrolet. Buff? What are the odds.

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Can’t blame the guy buffing the floor above someone who left flammable material out. Also, horrible local “claims contradicted” news people are horrible.