First, let me get this out of the way: I didn’t wish for the for the BMW to explode, I was only expecting it to and was disappointed when it didn’t after everyone cleared out of the way. Because I was apparently raised on Michael Bay movies. Does that make me an asshole?

The video, which was taken from a motorcyclist’s helmet cam, shows a blue BMW M5 driving through some city streets. (It’s worth pointing out that everyone in the video was driving and riding dangerously in a city setting—don’t be like that.)


And here’s what’s weird: the motorcyclist alerted the BMW driver of his car being on fire and the BMW driver accelerated away for a bit before finally pulling over. Maybe it was because he didn’t want the flaming car to be near a building or something. Or maybe he was trying to use the wind to blow out the flames. Like you would a candle.

What’s also impressive is how many fire extinguishers were pulled out from seemingly nowhere to put out the flames. Glad nobody was hurt.

Seriously—am I the only one who expected to see the M5 explode at the conclusion of this video? I just watched the Fate of the Furious, where a car literally exploded from being shot in the engine. This BMW was on freakin’ fire, man! That’s, like, a guaranteed explosion, right?

(h/t to Matthew!)

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