Second Car Accident Befalls Bond Film Stuntmen

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It's not easy being a stuntman on the set of the new James Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace." If you'll remember, earlier this week we told you about that stunt driver taking Bond's Aston Martin DBS into the drink (and the subsequent video aftermath) in what's being described as a highly dangerous "delivery-related" stunt. Now they've seen another car accident. Although this time it wasn't the DBS, it was double trouble as two of the men all about stunts were involved. Reportedly,


"the accident happened when the car used by two stuntmen rammed into a filming lorry and then into a wall on set near the picturesque Lake Garda in northern Italy..."

" of the two men, a Greek national, ended up in intensive care in a hospital in the nearby town of Verona."


Apparently, the other Bond stuntman was shaken more than he was — you know — right. Luckily it was the last day of filming around Lake Garda. God knows whether we'd be able to deal with another DBS going down. [via AFP]

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Rob Emslie

I think the fact that one of the stunt-drivers is Greek explains it all. The Greeks are wonderful people, but they tend to drive like Britney Spears on crack.