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Pour a little Advil and Whataburger out for our homeboy in the comically oversized racing suit. After claiming his fourth win at Sepang International Circuit and his first win for Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel told Eddie Jordan point-blank how he planned to celebrate: "I wanna get pissed probably tonight."

[Skip ahead to 10:44 if you're only looking for a reason to whip out the migraine meds.]


Formula One podium interviews are usually awkward and forced, but this season's have been on point. First, they brought out Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Australian Grand Prix. This weekend, they brought out Eddie Jordan. EJ doesn't just know the sport, but he's the BBC F1 presenter who cares the least about offending a driver's delicate sensibilities. In other words, it's a win-win.


"Pissed" is apparently a bit much for a podium interview, so Vettel actually made Jordan a tad flustered for a change.

Given the circumstances and all the jubilation over Ferrari being back, I'm going to venture a guess that Seb may still be prostate to the porcelain throne.

This is Vettel's first win in over a year. Party on, dude.

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