A Mercedes Didn't Win The Malaysian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel isn't just following in the steps of Schumacher and driving for his dream team this year. Oh, no. He's the man who finally broke up the streak of "which Mercedes is going to win today?" Give this Ferrari-driving pointy-finger enthusiast a hug for me, will ya?


It's not that I have a thing against Mercedes. Rather, the contrary: they're very prepared. They nailed the engine. They don't often screw up. They're sort of like the Audi of Formula One. I can't hate Audi for being a bunch of serious business Germans because I'd give both ovaries to be even half that prepared with any of my racing shenanigans. These hyper-dominant teams have their act together, and get rewarded accordingly. I like that. I really do.

It's just time for the other teams to get caught up, that's all. Mercedes vs. Mercedes is only interesting for so long. Red Bull is back to being a bunch of plucky, likable underdogs thanks to crappy Renault power units. Ferrari and Lotus are both trying to claw their way out of an F1 team's own personal Malaise Era. McLaren is still stuck in theirs, struggling just to make their car work. Williams is a credible contender, however, they just can't seem to knock Merc off the top of the podium, either, even using Mercedes power.

After last weekend's Most Extreme Formula One Elimination Challenge, the Malaysian Grand Prix was a breath of fresh air. There was racing. Not just car failures and crashes. Racing! You know, that thing that we watch on the television or the Intertoobs.

Better tire strategy gave Vettel the lead. Ferrari went with the faster medium tire early on, while Mercedes played it safe and stuck to a harder tire that wouldn't wear as badly on the blazing hot Sepang circuit, but also wasn't as fast. Vettel got out in front, and Mercedes ultimately couldn't catch up.


I'm certainly not a die-hard Tifosi by any stretch, but it's about time we had a competitive Ferrari in Formula One again. This is cause for celebration.

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Yes. YESSSS. Look at how much Not Mercedes is happening in this photo. Look at it and weep tears of joy. Could cross-team battles finally be back? For the sake of the sport, I hope so.

Wave that Italian horsie flag high, Seb.

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(swag swag swag swag swag)

{ throws confetti }

Welcome back to the top, Vettel and Ferrari. Thanks for breaking things up a bit.


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As a Ferrari fan, I never stopped loathing Alonso even though I rooted for him to win. Kimi is still my guy but Vettel is much easier to root for. He's a bit whiney but seems like a very nice and funny guy. Even when I "hated" him all those years at Red Bull he was still likable in interviews and stuff. This photo of him jumping like a derp on the podium was a bit embarrassing though... Germans...