Sebastian Vettel Drops F-Bomb, Talks About His Balls On Letterman

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Double Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel stopped by Letterman last night, flying coach down from the Montreal Grand Prix. Vettel was significantly funnier than the old clown, talking about big balls and dropping a very censored f-bomb on the air.

Letterman loves racing and he owns an American sports car racing team and Indy car team, too. Somehow he managed to talk down to Vettel through the whole segment. Vettel is a funny guy, able to get a lot of wordplay into English, his second language. Letterman chose to blabber about technical regulations for four minutes.

Vettel wasn't having any of it. "Now you're making it really complicated. People here have no fucking idea what you're talking about."


When Letterman asked about the under-construction Formula One track in New Jersey that's going to run an F1 race in 2013, Vettel said, "It looks very quick…you need some (gestures to his crotch) big balls, I think." Letterman was not pleased. "Just, just don't do that ever again."

Nobody gets to be funnier than Letterman on Letterman.