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Formula One's Sebastien Vettel is the youngest driver to ever win a world championship. He's a worldwide phenom and now he's just designed a crossover SUV for Infiniti. Wait, what?


Everyone assumed Infiniti's deal with Sebastien Vettel and Red Bull would involve a modified version of the company's G37 sports car or, possibly, the M-series sedan to compete with that other M sedan. A belief Infiniti happily promoted and the auto blogs happily lapped up.

Nope. This video from Team Red Bull makes it incredibly clear Sebastien Vettel's designed his own version of the FX50 crossover (a car he personally owns) with a more aggressive front fascia, revised interior, and we're sure, a signature somewhere else.


Color us underwhelmed unless he actually convinces them to put a carbon fiber F1-style steering wheel in it. That would be awesome.

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