At the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix, his sixth F1 race, Sebastian Vettel rammed into Mark Webber's car, taking them both out of the race. The characteristically blunt Australian wasn't happy-and was yet to learn how quickly kids grow up.

This is what Webber said after the race:

Well, it’s kids, isn’t it? Kids with not enough experience, doing a good job, then they fuck it all up.


In 2009, Vettel joined Webber at Red Bull, finishing second in the championship, ahead of fourth-placed Webber. Last year, at the Turkish Grand Prix, he looked like his rookie self when he repeated his move on his now-teammate, who had been leading the race, taking himself out of the running and punting Webber back to third place. Then, in a sudden end-of-season renaissance, the kid with not enough experience suddenly grew up and pipped Mark Webber to the title, becoming F1’s youngest-ever world champion. Well, it’s kids, isn’t it?

Photo Credit: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images, Mark Thompson/Getty Images