Sebastian Vettel Copies Jalopnik In Schumacher Tribute

Illustration for article titled Sebastian Vettel Copies iJalopnik/i In Schumacher Tribute

This weekend's grand prix at Spa will be Schumacher's 300th race. How did reigning double world champion, fellow German, and crazy driver Sebastian Vettel commemorate the occasion? By riffing on Jalopnik, of course.

Vettel made this childlike painting as a gift for the man who inspired his racing career. It's stunning how closely Vettel apes the style of our own Crayola F1 series, done by the inimitable Peter Orosz.


Hopefully Vettel will address his obvious appreciation for Jalopnik. We love you too, Seb.

(Hat tip to Jalopnik superfriend J.F. Musial)

Photo Credit: Sean Kelley

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Peter Orosz

My life is complete!