Scion Could Get The Toyota Auris Hatchback And A New Sedan

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Times are tough over at Scion. As much as we love the FR-S, the rest of the cars in Toyota's supposed "youth" brand are aging and largely uncompetitive. But badly-needed new products may be on the way in the form of an all-new sedan and an imported hatchback and wagon we're rather fond of.


AutoGuide reports that Scion is likely to get a version of the Toyota Auris, a five-door car whose current iteration has been on sale in Japan and Europe since 2013.


It's a good-looking, functional car that comes in hatchback or wagon bodystyles with all-wheel drive as an option, and it could be poised to fill the void left when the Toyota Matrix was put out to pasture.

Pictured above is the Toyota Auris TS Black Concept, which strikes me as the most Scion-y Auris there is.

Perhaps more interestingly, this report says Scion is slated to get a sedan for the first-time ever. They say it's not the long-rumored FR-S sedan, but rather a car based on the upcoming Mazda2 architecture that will also underpin the Toyota Yaris. A Mazda-based Scion sedan? You could do a lot worse.


AutoGuide's tipster also says rumors point toward a small crossover, which Scion really needs, and an FR-S convertible, which they don't need but would be really cool anyway.

Expect more solid news at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Maybe Scion's not dead yet. What do you think they need to succeed?

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Chilean Juke Lover

After test driving an Auris a month ago, I must say it isn't as exciting as you say it is. It looks much better in photos than in person and it has no feel or character at all. A waaay too light clutch also ruins it. Only good thing is that its a cheap car. Take it as a hatch Corolla.