Sauerkraut Frozen To Road Shuts Down German Autobahn

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Two trucks and an Audi were involved in a crash yesterday evening on the Autobahn near Frankfurt. One of the trucks spilled its load of organic sauerkraut, which froze on contact with the road and blocked traffic for hours.


The woman driving the Audi was not seriously hurt, and while no other injuries were reported, the cost of all the damages is estimated at $133,000.

That's what you get for messing with three great German stereotypes at the same time: their love of organic vegetables, their love of sauerkraut and their love of motor vehicles.

You can see more pictures of the "traffic chaos" here at the Frankfurter Neue Presse.

Photo Credit: Das Handelsblatt, Reuters



Scheiße! Sie erhielten Asphalt in meinem Sauerkraut! Sie erhielten Sauerkraut in meinem Asphalt! Zwei schlechte Geschmäcke, die Schlechtes zusammen schmecken!