Saudi Hand-Builds Giant Maybach Coupe, Wants You To Buy It

Enthusiasts of out-of-the-park opulence desperately wanted Maybach to build its Exelero concept for production. The prototype's designer took it upon himself to do his own. Now it's for sale. Just don't call it the Canyonaro. It hates that.


It was called the Cruiserio, and it's now up for sale in Saudi Arabia. American Express onyx cards whipping out in 3-2-1...

The Cruiserio is the product of the coachbuilders at Xenatec, based on a design from original Exelero concept stylist Burch Fred Hardt. With a 6.0-liter V12 (603 hp), it can get it from 0-62 in five seconds. It's also just as long as the 19-foot sedan, so that time is nothing to sneeze a snootful of Krugerrands at.

Got $945,295? Its yours.

[via World Car Fans]

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