Santa, Bikini Babes, And A Dummy Make For A Bizarre 'Vette eBay Ad

I'm not exactly sure if it's the pictures themselves or the juxtaposition of them together, or maybe it's just the inherent weirdness a ventriloquist dummy brings to any situation. I'm just not sure. But I do know that this ad for a 1977 Corvette Stingray is pleasingly unsettling.

The T-top 'Vette looks to be in reasonable shape, and doesn't appear to have been driven much, since it seems to have been mostly used as a prop for Driscoll Productions. As a prop, it looks like it's been rented out for cheesecake photo shoots, hung around behind some ventriloquist dummies and puppets, and acted as the whip for something called "SantaKevin." Which seems to be a shaggy-haired Santa in a 'Vette who might know where you can score some 'shrooms.


As such, the car is being sold with the suggestion that it could be a "revenue generator." The notes for the sale are also pretty great:

No known major defects or missing parts, but some scratches and general wear and tear for a 1977 classic. No heating or a/c connected. Horn has button.


"Horn has button?" I has money! SOLD.

Just think about it — I can get hotties in swimwear to actually pay me to lounge in the car, then have a sing-along with my best wooden pals, and then some drunk swinger Santa will take me for a spin. And, like that wouldn't be enough for one car, the horn totally has button.


This actually looks like a decent late '70s Vette for someone. Or, someone and their trusted dummy.

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