Saleen's First-Ever Electric Car Will Be A Tuned Tesla Model S

Illustration for article titled Saleens First-Ever Electric Car Will Be A Tuned Tesla Model S

Remember when Saleen said it was going to make an electric car? The same Saleen that is really known for really fast Mustangs? We assumed it would be based on a Ford Focus Electric. Instead, it's going to be based off of a Tesla Model S. It's good to be wrong.


Saleen (the "American specialty manufacturer of high performance vehicles, technical performance parts, lifestyle accessories and apparel," as they want to be referred to) announced today it would be developing a sports car based on the Model S.


"I fully intend to produce one of the most compelling Teslas to ever hit the roadway," CEO Steve Saleen said in the release.

Well, OK.

No details like performance or renderings to give us an idea of what it would look like were released, but the company said it was working on that. Can't wait to see how this will turn out.

Photo: Tesla

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