Saleen Says It Will Make Electric Car Because Everyone's Making One

In today's crowded automotive landscape, you'd be excused for not having a Saleen Mustang anywhere on your radar – it's 2013, after all. The little California company has had a rough go of things in the last few years, including insolvency. But things are on the up, and after supercharging some more muscle cars, Saleen thought it'd be a good idea to go for an electric car.


I know, that's probably the last thing you'd expect a car associated with speed and superchargers to introduce. According to a statement released today by Saleen, though, an electric car is under development for "eventual distribution and sale." Oh, there's more from the big boss, Steve Saleen:

"We recognize that electric cars are a trend, not a fad and expect this vehicle category to continue to increase as an automotive option for consumers. We intend to enter this market with an offering that is truly innovative and offers the styling and craftsmanship associated with the Saleen Automotive brand. The rapid pace of advancements in electric vehicle technology makes our entry into this market sector timely and should expedite completion of this project."

Some of you may scoff at the idea, but you haven't even seen what the company is going to use for its basis. Will it be some kind of crazy quick/crazy quiet Mustang or just a Focus Electric with some stickers.

We'll know more early next year when more details, including scale models, are released.


Photo: Saleen Automotive

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