Saleen Hails Satan, Premiers the S331 in LA, Announces Ueber-S7

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Steve Saleen "had a little fun" (his words, not ours) at SVT's expense when he unveiled the S331 Thunder pickup at Ford's display this morning. While we didn't find his speech particularly rousing or amusing (The biggest wheels on a production truck! 23 inches!) we do like the side exhaust.

The twin-screw-supercharged version of the truck makes 450hp and 500 ft lbs, which still doesn't knock the Viper-beengined SRT-10 off the top of the hill, but with prices starting in the 30s for the unblown version, it's a good deal cheaper. Oh, and apparently, Saleen's also taking on Ferdinand Pi ch with a new S7 that'll make over 1,000 horsepower. Can we get Farago in on a head-to-head comparo between the two, Steve?

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