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Man, remember when Saleen Mustangs used to be a stripe, engine and interior package slapped on a Fox-Body GT; essentially Shelbys for the late '80s? Well, with the introduction of the Speedster and Scenic Roof S281 models, those days are as toasted as a box of Thomas' English Muffins in a chemical-plant fire. The Scenic Roof offers a glass top (which begs the question, why didn't they just give it the Full Roth treatment and go the way of the bubble?), that reportedly "captures nature s unsurpassed beauty by protecting its passengers from the weather s elements, all while allowing them to experience the seasons in full bloom." That's damn florid stuff for a ponycar; reminiscent of the Mod Top Mopars of the '60s.

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The Speedster adds a racy tonneau and sport bar to the the convertible, giving the S281 more of a Mach 5-style look. The Speedster drops in November, but if you're looking for the the glasstop Scenic action, you're going to have to wait 'til early next year.

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