There's perhaps nothing more sad than to see an old, washed-up celebrity on the side of the road, with a sandwich board around the shoulders, desperately trying to get you to try a burger. And here it is in car form, with this sad little Jaguar XJ220 hawking a burger joint in a mall in Dubai.

The Jaguar XJ220 was never much loved when it first debuted, but this just awful. It's like an automotive Steven Seagal, except Steven Seagal is worse because now he thinks he's a real cop whereas I don't think this Jaaag thinks it's a real burger, because it has no actual feelings.

Now this Jaguar, sent in to us by the guys over at just sits in the Ibn Batuta mall, plastered in ads for the Mooyah burger chain. Someone clearly loved it once, as they've installed the exposed headlamps from the XJ220S model, but now it sits, kicked out of its own home, trying to fend for itself in the big scary world, longing for a race track.


Poor, poor Jaguar XJ220. It doesn't have to be this way. Come to New York. We have race tracks. We have nice garages, with comfy parking spaces. We will have people who will love you. I WILL LOVE YOU!