Saab For Sale On eBay, Low Reserve

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Saab, the Swedish automaker, is for sale on eBay. Overall condition is described as excellent, but in need of a little attention. With a "Buy It Now" price of $10,000, you’d better act fast.


Online auction site eBay appears to be the last resort for the neglected brand after we reported yesterday GM is unable to find a buyer for Saab.


Standard equipment includes a manufacturing plant in Sweden, sub-assembly plant in Australia, a few thousand very nice people with many talents and skills and some fantastic Swedish office furniture.

The seller, who appears to be some sort of business consultant with a sense of humor trying to get someone to pay him-or-her to help with the purchase, describes Saab’s condition as such:

Over 60 years old, in excellent condition, sports and performance focused, looks great at 5 feet, however up close you will notice the brand needs a little attention.

Saab cars are fun to drive, very seldom break down, are very sporty. In the world of "me too" cars like a boring Honda Accord or a Toyota (Taurus type) Camry, Saabs represent individual style and tastes of understated distinction.

Air conditioning, power seats and cruise control (switching on for the last 15 years) are included in the price. Thanks to LilWillie for the tip!

[via eBay]

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