British motoring show Top Gear is a popular stop on the U.K. interview circuit for two reasons: 1.) It's the most watched show... in the world; 2.) Entertainers get to measure up against their peers on a race track. In last night's episode, Ryan Reynolds takes on Tom Cruise's time. It's charming.


Jeremy Clarkson makes a good point about Reynolds being unusually blessed. He's handsome, funny, had sex with Scarlett Johansson, and it seems he can also drive. It makes you want to hate him, but Reynolds has that non-threatening Canadian thing that makes it tough.

While not the fastest star in the long history of Top Gear's "Star In A Reasonable Priced Car" segment — that honor goes to Matt LeBlanc from last week — Reynolds strapped into the little Kia Cee-apostrophe-d econobox for their segment and bested the already quick time set by Tom Cruise a year and a half ago. Skip to "Segment 4" in the video to see the interview and race.

To quote fellow Canadian journalist Michael Banovsky "I turned to my girlfriend after and was like, 'I think i have a broner for Ryan Reynolds now.'"


We all do, Banovsky. We all do.

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