Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz each took an expletive-filled run on the Top Gear track. How did two 'mericans fare on the world's most popular motoring show? Here's a hint. Cruise managed to get the car on two wheels. Epic.


Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on BBC2's Top Gear has always kind of been a joke for the producers and talent when they came up with the idea of "star in a reasonably priced car." Until now.

Be warned — there be spoilers below.

It turns out they performed frickin' spectacular actually. Cameron Diaz lapped the track in an astonishing 1:45.2 — becoming the fastest star in a reasonably-priced car in the new Kia Cee'd. Tom Cruise wasn't taking it lying down... he did it in 1:44.2 to easily eclipse Diaz on the show's fastest lap time board. USA! USA! USA!

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