Russians Building James Bond-Inspired Golden Car

The Ruskie wildmen at Dartz, not content resting on their formerly-whale-penis-leathered laurels, are prepping a James Bond-inspired, gold-encrusted armored SUV complete with seats from Boris Yeltsin's plane. Act now and they'll throw in an actual golden gun with gold bullets.


The Dartz Prombron Car With The Golden Wheels will by most accounts be Dartz's most belligerent creation yet, wearing gold in so many obnoxious iterations the czars would begin to wonder. Oh sure, it'll have gold wheels with 50-caliber bullets sculpted in, but that's just the start. How about gold tint applied to the armored windows at a former soviet space industry factory, or galvanically-coated gold snake skin vinyl covering the seats? What? Not just regular seats? Oh no, the actual seats from Boris Yeltsin's Presidential plane. Now we're talkin'.

The Car With The Golden Wheels takes inspiration from the James Bond film "The Man With The Golden Gun," and what would such a product be if it didn't include a faithful recreation of said golden gun? Each vehicle will include a Mauser hand gun recreated in solid gold with solid gold bullets thrown in for good measure. Why? Because screw you, that's why.


We don't have all the details on this latest eff-you car from Dartz, but they'll be bringing it to show at the Top Marques Abu Dhabi, where we here the clientele in the area is into this kind of thing. [Dartz]


We'd like to add an aside to this story real quick: Jesus these guys are good. It's like they sit around getting drunk all day, shooting the shit about how ridiculous they could make a car, except they write it down and do it. Thank you for keeping it real Dartz, you might be the most interesting carmaker in the world.

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