Russian Streets Haunted By Crazy Stilt-Wheeled Monster Car Thing

I know what you're thinking — something weird and unexplained on a Russian street? What is this, Antonym Day, already? I know, I know, but stay with me and marvel at this tall, tall, four-wheeled something tooling happily down the road.

It seems to have the usual warning lights and reflective triangles and all that, so I assume it's of human origin, or at least designed for use on Earth. So that settles that. Beyond that, it looks like it's made to drive over things. Tallish things.


According to the Animal, it's farm equipment designed for sowing. But it looks equally good for driving underneath. In fact, I bet that thing's pretty fun to drive, period. And handy for going through those awful second-story fast food drive-throughs that probably don't exist.

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