Russian Model Killed Protecting Her Porsche Cayenne

Sad news from Russia, where a former Russian model and, ironically, head of a security firm was killed while trying to stop a man from hijacking her Porsche Cayenne. Anna Loginova, who was only 29 years old, was going to purchase a kitten in a neighborhood of Moscow when a man grabbed her and threw her from the car. Unwilling to let her car get stolen, Loginva grabbed the door to the Cayenne and was pulled for several feet before letting go of the door. The blow she took when she hit the ground was, unfortunately, fatal.

This wasn't the first time something like this had happened to the young woman. She told Maxim magazine that she had been attacked before and was able to use a Jiu-Jitsu technique to stop the assailant long enough to get her gun. The article says her Cayenne was silver, so no crazy Russian Cayenne jokes. [News From Russia]


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