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Wild Russian SUV Has Identity Crisis

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've seen questionable Porsche Cayennes out of Ruskie tuning shops before, but this one takes the cake - especially since we're pretty sure it's a VW Touareg. This abomination with a split personality comes once again from English Russia and between the mildly interesting front end and the horror show that is the back, we wouldn't be heartbroken if it ended up in the shredder. But what makes us suspicious of this wayward SUV's progeny? As you can see after the jump, it's all in the windows.


We're willing to fall on either side of this divide. Is it a Cayenne with a replacement window? Maybe. Is it a batshit crazy VW Touareg trying to pass itself off as more than it is? Perhaps. We just know it's further evidence that taste is extraordinarily subjective. (h/t to Thethinggoesbing)