Russian Energy Company To Build Middle-Of-Nowhere Charging Station For Region's Only Tesla Owner

Route from Google Maps, Tesla from Tesla

When you’re the only Tesla owner in your entire city, in your entire region, things can get strange. For instance, your regional utility can end up building a charging station just for you alone.

That’s what appears to be happening for one Alexander Shavrin, living in Perm. Perm is a good 20 hours east of Moscow by car. Well, not by Tesla, because there aren’t a lot of charging stations to support the route.


In fact, there are no charging stations at all on Shavrin’s commute, which takes him from his city of Perm to Yekaterinburg. It’s a five and a half hour drive, and Shavrin’s Tesla runs out of charge not even 20 miles before he makes it to Yekaterinburg, as he explained to local

So Shavrin made the ultimate Tesla Man move and contacted his regional energy company, IDGC of Urals, and convinced them to install a charging station halfway between the two cities. It’s going to be in the village of Achit, with a population of not even 5,000, ETB News reports.

The non-Tesla charger should cost the energy company about 300,000 rubles, or around $4,700 USD. It will be the first electric car charging spot in the entire region, and an interesting footnote in the electrification of the global auto industry.

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