Say what you will about Austin, TX, but you have to admire those people really committing to the whole "keep Austin weird" campaign. This guy is really doing his part, because what's weirder than a flaming Jeep driving itself through three major intersections? In this case "weird"="dangerous."

I think the take-away here is that if you're going to abandon your car because it's on fire, the polite thing to do is yank the handbrake or put it in P or turn it off or pretty much anything you can do to prevent it from becoming a self-propelled arson experience. This Jeep eventually was stopped when it hit a BMW, which was lucky, since no one was hurt.


Still, it could have kept going and ran into a truck full of oily rags, fireworks, and rolling papers, and nobody wants that.

Also, yes, the video seems to have been shot in portrait mode, which I know to many of you is a crime worse than DWI (Driving While Infanticizing). So, that's out in the open, no need to go all bonkers in the comments.

Feel free to go bonkers on that poor bastard running after his flaming jeep, though.