Ruf Panamera XL Stretches For China

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The Chinese car market is famous for preferring chauffeur-driven SUVs and limos to hard-riding sports cars. Thus, it's not surprising Ruf's first Chinese market-only vehicle won't be a tuned 911, but a Porsche Panamera stretched by nearly 16 inches.

This seventeen-and-a-half foot plutocrat's express puts on about 200 extra pounds in the conversion, raising its weight to just over 4,300 pounds. Pulling the "Panamera XL" is a 420 horsepower, 376lb.-ft V8, which should keep it about as fast as a stock Panamera S.

Car News China notes that Porsche will be unveiling their own extended Panamera for the Chinese market later this year, but with a mere 4.7 inches of added length. We should also mention that Ruf's second Chinese market-only vehicle will be a tuned Cayenne called "Freiheit".


Photo Credit: Ruf China