All these years, I've been pronouncing "Dodge" with a hard D sound. But thanks to Ron Burgundy, America's greatest newsman, I now know it's pronounced with a soft D, like the soft J in jogging, or as Ron calls it, yog-ging. Thanks Ron!


If you enjoyed the litany of Anchorman 2-themed Dodge ads released last month — and you should have because they were surprisingly amazing — then get excited because a few more dropped this week.

This one's about the 2014 lineup. Buy them all in cash and put them in grandma's name! Dodge?

Here, Ron shoots his mouth off to a horse and then realizes he may have gone too far. Or did he?

And finally, Ron discusses how the new Durango gets 25 em-peg-guhs on the highway. He doesn't know what those are, but then again, he's from the 70s. He gets a pass.

Keep 'em coming, Dodge! Since Will Ferrell apparently shot 70 of these, we should have enough Ron Burgundy ads to last us well into next spring. These might even end up being funnier than Anchorman 2 itself.

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