Rolls-Royce Drops Hints For Wraith Kryptos Cipher Because You All Suck At This

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You’ve all really disappointed Rolls-Royce. Back in July, the company revealed the Wraith Kryptos, a Wraith with a cryptographic theme throughout the vehicle. The luxury automaker threw down the gauntlet: The first person to decode the cipher and reveal its hidden message would receive “a unique gift from Rolls-Royce in recognition of their extraordinary talent.”

Well, there are only 50 Wraith Kryptos vehicles in existence, and I highly doubt all the owners are working together to solve this enigma. Progress on an answer has apparently been too slow for Rolls-Royce, even though the cars were delivered only recently. Because you’re all so hopeless at this, the company has taken pity on you and provided a couple clues:

Unveiled in July 2020, each of the 50 cars in the Wraith Kryptos Collection is embellished with a cipher created by Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer, Katrin Lehmann. Previously, Lehmann commented that finding the ‘key’ is the first step in uncovering the mysterious code.

With no successful decryptions to date, Rolls-Royce reveals today that the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine on this enigmatic Collection conceals the word KRYPTOS, in code. These seven deciphered characters will aid clients on their journey of discovery as they begin to identify these letters on Wraith Kryptos’ complex fascia.


Of course, the key is held within the Spirit of Ecstasy, and of course, it’s the car’s name. Come on, people. There was also another hint in the “RR” embroidery traditionally found on the headrests being replaced with dots and dashes, which seems pretty obvious:

Similarly, the embroidery on the headrests translates as the double-R monogram, rendered in the cipher. The Bespoke team hopes that, together, these clues may provide a ‘way in’ that enables owners to attempt the puzzle.

Image: Rolls-Royce

As it turns out, only Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös and designer Katrin Lehmann know what the cipher means, and Müller-Ötvös is keeping his copy of the answer in an envelope in a safe in his office.


Sure, it might be neat to see someone solve this, but you know what would be a way more exciting turn for this PR stunt? An operation to break into Rolls-Royce headquarters and retrieve the envelope. Of course, I’m not condoning this effort, as it would be highly illegal and, at any rate, I lack the influence and connections to organize such an operation. But if somebody else tried it, I wouldn’t necessarily not root them on — hypothetically, of course.

Anyway, to the 50 of you with these cars and, presumably, way too much time on your hands, Rolls-Royce will accept your answers through its mobile app in February. I don’t know the caliber of the minds we’re working with here, but if you’ve ever used “password” as one of your passwords before, you should probably be immediately disqualified and your Wraith repossessed.

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