Rodeo drifting is not new, but now is as good a time as any to highlight possibly the coolest and most reckless form of sliding a car around.

Here are many variations to drifting. You can drift while getting tazed. You can drift while flying through the air. You can drift while dragging a CRT television.

Rodeo drifting is drifting while sitting on your car rather than in it. Straddling the door frame is the easy way to go.

You probably first saw this on Top Gear back in the day, or on the Japanese drift circuit before that if you were getting VHS tapes from Japan mailed to you along with those suspension parts you ordered for your FC RX-7. Yasuyuki Kazama is the signature operator, the guy most famous for the move. That’s him in the top clip and in TG.

Americans caught on a few years ago.


And really it’s up to you to keep things going.

Just please wear a helmet next time.


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