Robert Pattinson Buys Cheap Cars On Craigslist And Goes To Weird Places Just Like You

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Robert Pattinson, gazillionaire vampire movie star that he is, buys everything off of Craigslist. His car, for instance, is a $2,500 Chevy Silverado and he took it to weird places just like you do. What weird places? A parking lot where people watch each other having sex.


Pattinson revealed a penchant for buying his cars off of Craigslist last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live (2:10 in this video). He explained that he got his '01 Chevy three months ago for about $2,500 from a guy living with his parents out in ritzy Chino Hills. And Pattinson tried to haggle the price down $300.

The reason why Pattinson wanted a truck is that he likes to go biking, and for months he'd haul his bike to the same trailhead where he noticed a lot of guys hanging around in parked cars. Only when the police raided the site did Pattinson learn that they were dogging. That is, they were watching each other have sex.

If you starred in an insanely successful movie franchise that also turned you into an international sex symbol, you'd buy cheap cars off Craigslist and go biking at skeevy LA sex hangouts, right? You and Robert Pattinson are totally alike!


(Hat tip to leicester!)

Photo Credit: Craigslist, Getty Images

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How the hell do you know about the weird places I go, Orlove?

Are you following me again?

I thought I told you it was over? Now you're going public with your "following"? And why do you call it "following" anyway? It's stalking is what it is. Look, it was cute at first but now it's just skeevy. Writing a story about it on Jalopnik is just over the line.

Do I have to go back to the judge and get the restraining order reinstated?