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Robby Gordon To Inspectors: "Kiss My Ass"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The drama over Robby Gordon and Le Inspectors at Dakar heated up yesterday after the ex-NASCAR driver attempted to get a TV crew to inspect his Hummer in order to prove he didn't cheat. He also made a request regarding their lips and his butt cheeks.


If you haven't been following along with the Dakar drama you missed the part where veteran American driver Robby Gordon was charging towards the leader in his Hummer only to succumb to a crash with the leading driver, a DQ from the inspectors, and mechanical issues.

Gordon blames the first two on outside sources, though takes some credit in the video above for the latter problem that caused him to lose much of his time. Despite racing under protest with almost no hope of winning, Gordon destroyed everyone on Stage 12 with the part that had him DQ'd apparently "plugged up."


Clearly, none of these events are going to his head and he's maintaining his calm and not acting as if he feels persecuted at all. (Thanks to everyone for the tip!)

Photo Credit: Getty Images