A passenger in a Chevy Tahoe appeared to have been shot from another vehicle, but then it turned out another passenger in the the same vehicle pulled the trigger. Armed robbery, crazy Tahoe driving, uncooperative witnesses, and other hijinks make for a knot the Lexington, KY, cops are having a tough time unraveling. [Lex18]


Rather than just mellowing out and drinking a few Primos, brah, this guy in Hawaii totally lost his shit and beat the crap out of a couple after a minor parking-lot fender-bender. [Honolulu Advertiser]

When you see another driver on a cell phone, what do you do? Do you swerve across multiple lanes and ram the inconsiderate caller's pickup? Yeah, every time. That'll learn 'em! [Arizona Republic]


The driver of a Suburban felt his life was in danger when an aggressive PT Cruiser driver made an obscene gesture at him, so he felt obligated to empty his nine at the threatening Chrysler. The jury, however, said no way, buddy, that's attempted murder. [Herald-Mail]

Come on back next Monday for even more Rage-A-Pa-Looza good times, because you know the road rage never stops!

Road Rage Roundup: McMissiles and Lengthy Jail Terms! [internal]

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