It's Monday afternoon, and that means it's Road Rage Roundup time!

This case, known locally as "The McMissile Incident," began when a road-raged woman hurled a McDonald's cup full of ice into another vehicle. Hilarity, and a two-year jail sentence, ensued. []


It looks like the Daytona 500 caused a bit too much testosterone to flow on the roads leaving the event, judging by this homicide in DeLand, Florida. []

When someone cuts you off on the highway, what do you do? This Florida man's mental slot machine came up skulls on all reels, and he pursued the offending termite truck in his Cadillac, blasting away with his gat, until the pursued ran a red light in terror, causing a crash that killed a 14-year-old girl. 25 years in prison for Mr. Poor Impulse Control. [Bradenton Herald]


And, over in the UK where road ragers are hard-pressed to obtain the firearms necessary to deliver truly forceful messages of driving displeasure, this bunch of drunks in a Ford Fiesta beat the tar out of a guy who 'bibbed' his horn at them. Extra style points for slamming his leg in the door, lads! []

Come back next week for more tales of hopped-up hooligans hammering hapless highway habitues! Remember, count to ten before you do something you'll regret!

Road Rage Roundup: It's a Weekly Thing! [internal]

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