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Road Rage Roundup: It's a Weekly Thing!

The Road Rage never stops! And neither does the weekly Road Rage Roundup! We've got another batch of stories recounting the events that take place when folks can't make nice whilst sharing a strip of asphalt. Such as...


Leading off, here's the tale of a trucker who just couldn't take those goddamn high beams any more... so he hurled chunks of iron ore through the offending vehicles' windshields. That'll learn 'em! [Land Line Magazine]

Following up last week's bullet-emitting Lodi Camaro story, looks like the perp, one Ruben Joseph Quinones, has turned himself in. [Lodi News]


So let's say you're holding an eighth of weed (that's an eighth of a ton, of course) and you're cruising through the reddest of red states and some jamoke high-beams you? What to do? Why, you ignore the nearby Sheriff's car and go all road-ragey on said jamoke, naturally. [Deseret News]

And, just to show that you Japanese broadcasters out there don't have a Get Out Of Road Rage Jail Free card when you go apeshit on a cab's doors with your brogans, we make it clear that Sapporo cops frown on that sorta thing. [The Daily Yomiuri]

Well, that's it for this week's Road Rage Roundup! Tune in next Monday for more tales from the utter dregs of the Human Drama!

Introducing Road Rage Roundup [internal]

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Ya think with all that pot hed be a tad less high strung.