Hey, fellow Jalops, haven't you all been itching for a one-stop shop for all your road-rage story needs? A place that makes you feel like Mahatma Gandhi because you didn't ram that tailgating jerkola off the road and pull out all his teeth with your Channel-Locks on your commute this morning, even though that bastid was begging for it? Of course you have, and your ol' pal Murilee Martin is the one to give it to you! Here on the Road Rage Roundup, we'll fill you in on the latest tales of what goes wrong when you mix testosterone, poor impulse control, a bloated sense of entitlement, and a motor vehicle. So let's dive right in!

First we have Britt Reid, son of Eagles head coach, exchanging curse words and brandishing a firearm in Pennsylvania. [NBC 10, Philadelphia]

Next, we have a red Camaro-involved shooting in lovely Lodi, California. This one gets extra RRR points for the ragin' trifecta of Camaro, Lodi, and Wal-Mart. [Stockon Record]

Here's an interesting fact: You can shoot at some scrote who pisses you off, and charges will be dropped if the victim doesn't show up to court! [WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh]

And, finally, here's one from last week that no doubt warrants much more ink than the SF Chronicle gave it, what with the Faulknerian plot twists and senseless violence: A couple of Petaluma, CA, women, age 17 and 22, get in a fight. Boyfriends show up. BMW, Lexus, and Ranger involved. Baseball bats. Attempted vehicular homicide. [SFGate.com]


Well, that's it for today's exciting Road Rage Roundup! Stay tuned for more steering-wheel-gnawing, blood-boiling road-rage-o-riffic highlights!

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