Road Rage Roundup: Rammed Romantic Rivals, Jersey Shankage

Laura Medina, she of the Buick-versus-Cavalier road-raged romantic-rival rubout and subsequent judge-offending MySpace page, has been sentenced to 11 years in the slammer. [San Francisco Chronicle]

And, in stark contrast to the American style of jealousy-triggered road rage, this British woman rams the vehicle containing her ex and his current flame, yet kills no one and later expresses remorse for her actions. Weird. [Dorset Echo]


A couple of Jersey boys traded punches in the aftermath of your standard garden-state-variety Taurus-versus-pickup dispute, only one guy turned out to be using a little blade assistance in his body blows. []

In Bahrain, you can get seriously busted for making an obscene gesture at a motorcyclist. That's "committing an immoral act in a public place," you know. [Gulf Daily News]

That's it for this week's RRR. Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down.

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