Rinspeed BamBoo: For The Other Kind Of Orgies

Swiss dreamers Rinspeed are once again using the Geneva Motor Show as an opportunity to launch a fantastical creation. This time it's the BamBoo, an electric beachcruiser that eschews "horsepower orgies," but clearly encourages the other kind of orgy.


Rinspeed exists to push automotive ideas to the limit, but compared to previous models like the Glass Car, the BamBoo's fairly mundane. It's an electric-powered small car in the mold of a Fiat Jolly.

Sure, there's some use of bamboo fiber on the interior, and the design's a tad intriguing, but it seems like the visionaries at Rinspeed believe stripped-down is the new ornamented and have said as much.

"Anyone not blinded by horsepower orgies, chrome tinsel and top-speed frenzy should take a closer look. "BamBoo" pushes the ‘reset' button, clears the mind for a new way of thinking. It sports simple, clean lines. No bells, no whistles. Nothing is superfluous. Plain aesthetics in their purest form." it says in the press release.


What does that leave you doing?

"One would expect to find Brigitte Bardot behind the wheel with playboy Gunther Sachs at her side heading towards Tahiti beach..."


We guess this means the back seats fold down.

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