More on Rinspeed's "Glass Car" for Geneva

Rinspeed released more info on its "glass" roadster concept, the eXasis. Not glass at all, really, the eXasis is made of cutting-edge plastics, including a transparent body and floor of a compound dubbed Makrolon by the chemists at Bayer. Recalling bullet-shaped racers of the 1960s, the eXasis gets its power from a 750 cc, turbocharged two-cylinder jobbie from Weber Automotive. Producing 150 hp, the motor's been set up to run on bioethanol. The whole contraption weighs but 1,653 lbs, giving it a weight-to-power ratio of around 11 lbs per horsepower. We'll see (through) it at the Geneva show next month.

[via Rinspeed]

Rinspeed to Show "Glass Car" in Geneva [internal]


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