Ridin' That Train, High On Refined Petroleum

I've always been told not to worry because it's not the size of a rocket that matters. Then I saw this and realized that yes, yes it is what matters. More on my own inadequacy below.

This is the Soyuz TMA-01M spacecraft rolled out by train to the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan on Tuesday. The TMA-01M is a new modified Soyuz vehicle that features upgraded avionics and a digital cockpit display.


The crew of Expedition 25 — Soyuz Commander Alexander Kaleri, NASA Flight Engineer Scott Kelly and Russian Flight Engineer Oleg Skripochka — took off earlier this morning, bound for the International Space Station.

So what's a five-burner Soyuz-FG rocket look like when it takes off? Here you go:


Photo Credit: NASA

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