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The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is one of the most treacherous races in the world, having claimed two lives this year alone. And yet, Michael Dunlop sped through the Snaefell Mountain Course with a 133.392 average speed to obliterate the old lap records with a sub-17-minute lap. This is that unreal lap.


Dunlop struggles to keep both wheels down as he flies through the combination of open country roads and tight city streets that make up the course. Walls, curbs and other riders on the road don’t even seem to faze him.

Yes, he had to deal with other race traffic, too. GIF via YouTube

You can practically feel the bumps through the screen every time something unsettles the bike and it lurches sideways. The stats make this rough ride even harder to believe. To average over 133 mph on a course with such tight turns and other hazards to navigate, he’s well over that on the open sections between towns.

The Isle of Man’s lush, verdant hills are gorgeous, to boot. Somehow they’re even more beautiful when viewed at ludicrous speed.

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