Ricky Gervais Is A 'Fang-Faced Wimp' Driving A 2015 Audi A3

Ricky Gervais is probably the last person I'd expect selling a car. But now here he is driving a 2015 Audi A3. The ad is a little self-deprecating, so he hasn't totally sold out.

The new A3 sedan has come with a marketing strategy that's been all over the board. We were told it's not at all like a Doberhuahua at last month's Super Bowl. Then came the documents that showed exactly the kind of hipsters Audi is targeting with the car.


Now we have Mr. Gervais in two spots for the A3. The 30-second one is called "Names," and it's entirely about a little girl reading tweets directed at "Uncle Ricky" telling him to go back to his country because he's an unfunny jerk. I get the feeling she could've also been reading tweets targeting Piers Morgan.

Then there's the 60-second spot where Gervais and a bunch of people sing a Queen song. You can probably guess which one.

Now why did they need that silly dog again?

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Flavien Vidal

Just curious as I lack to understand it but... What is it with all the Audi articles these days?