Richard Hammond Explains Why The E46 BMW 3 Series Is Perfect

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Before landing a gig at Top Gear, Richard Hammond worked for Motor Week, and he took the time to explain why you shouldn't buy a now-classic E46 BMW 3er.


You see, the car is just too good. He can only find a single fault with the car at all (rear seat legroom doesn't trouble the Hamster). The sump plug is a carryover fromt he E36! Surely the German engineer responsible for this cost cutting was shot for his mistake after this episode aired back in 1998.

MotorWeek Theater is our showcase of some of our favorite classic reviews from public television's finest motoring program and in this case some random old British car show. How does this video only have 22 views on YouTube? It's got that guy who crashed at 300 miles an hour in it!



Hmmm....E46 faults. Well, based on the experience of my wife's car:

1) The window motors burn out (2 so far)

2) The front axles need replacing every 80k miles or so if you have the 'x' version

3) The cruise control is stupid and jerky

4) The tire pressure sensor system is stupid

5) The brake wear sensor system is stupid

Otherwise not bad.

Oh, and trunk space is 'ok' but not great and the rear seats don't fold down, so cargo space is nowhere near as good as my Saab 9-3 :P