For the second week in a row, a Richard Childress Racing car had a mishap with fuel and flame. Ryan Newman’s car was the recipient of the flame-bath this time, and fortunately, it wasn’t as big as last week’s Xfinity fireball.

Officials were able to extinguish the gas can that was used on Ryan Newman’s Sprint Cup car relatively quickly, sending the car back out to race with no other issues.

According to Fox Sports, only one can of fuel was able to get in the car during the stop, but none of the crew members or the car itself were burned in this accident.

The broadcast suggested that fuel likely hit a hot lugnut and ignited into flame. Others postulate that Newman’s team angered a fire demon by tampering with their tires earlier in the season. Fire demon angry. Fire demon want revenge.


Either way, it’s NASCAR, not NASFIRE. Get it together, guys.

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